Give Your Home a New Look

A glass balcony can be a stunning addition to any property, giving you a beautiful outside space and enhancing the appearance of your home. There is a huge range of styles and types of balcony available, and each carries unique features for you to consider.
Trojan Engineering specialises in mild steel and stainless steel balconies in all styles, such as the classic Juliet that forms an elegant frame to an upper window, or the traditional Maltese balcony that encloses a projecting floored area to increase space in your rooms.

Professional services

Our staff are fully industry trained, with risk assessment and liability insurance held by the company to ensure a healthy, safe working environment on all our sites. We ensure that all our projects meet industry standards and we put together regular method statements that are then available to all our customers.
If you are looking for steel of any specification, contact us today.

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Choice of Any Style

Choosing a steel and glass balcony from Trojan Engineering gives you the security of a strong, safe structure with options of wood and glass for the flooring and surrounds. No matter the style or size of balcony that you choose, we guarantee our highest standards of design and construction. Contact us for a comprehensive quote.