Structural Steel

Steel for the construction industry

Structural steel is a popular construction material, providing strength and stability to a wide variety of building projects, from single beams to the fabrication of large portal framed buildings. This versatile steel is created to European standards, ensuring high quality product for all our customers, no matter how large or small the project.

roofing and cladding service,

Trojan Engineering also offers a fully supported roofing and cladding service, providing design and fabrication as well as installation.

Our steel fabrication service is well established across the South West and we have an experienced and fully trained team who abide by the most stringent safety measures on site and respect your property at all times.

Structural Steel Fabrication Bath

Planning the Project

At Trojan Engineering, we offer a full service for our structural steel products covering Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire and the South West . Whether you are planning an extension and require single T-Beams or if you are developing a larger project and require a more elaborate and comprehensive selection, we can meet your needs.

From design to installation, Trojan Engineering provides expertise and support whilst allowing you control over the process and input at every stage. Get in touch with us today for a consultation regarding your structural steel Bath, Bristol, or Wiltshire.